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Both of these states have challenging personal injury laws:

Louisiana's laws are based on the Napoleonic Code, going back to the 1800s, rooted in the idea of fairness, which I like. But very few Mississippi lawyers can make head or tail of Louisiana's laws.

Mississippi's laws make it very tough on ordinary people to be compensated. The laws were dictated to the legislature by insurance companies. You need a great lawyer to overcome these disadvantages.

Attorney Geoffrey Harrison, Serving Biloxi, Gulfport And Beyond

I practice old-fashioned, person-to-person law, and I get wonderful compliments from people:

"I couldn't have got through this without you, Geoffrey."
"None of my relatives thought I could win my car accident case. You showed them!"
"That money kept us going through a very hard time. Bless you, Geoffrey Harrison!"

Contact me, Geoffrey Harrison, at my Biloxi office at 228-207-2075.

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