Have you been injured in an accident?

Don’t be a victim twice.

Have you been injured in an accident?

Don’t be a victim twice.

An Attorney With Fight In His System

My name is Geoffrey Harrison, and I tell my clients who have been injured:


By this I mean, you have already been injured once in the physical accident, whether it was by a car, truck or another vehicle.

But the process of recovering damages can injure you a second time — by denying your claims, by paying you a nickel on the dollar, or by even accusing you of faking your injuries or making the accident up.

Personal injury law developed over the centuries as a way to help “the little guy,” the average individual like you, demand justice when they are injured.

The idea of filing a lawsuit is empowering. But insurance company lawyers — and the legislators who pass laws in their favor — still hold most of the cards.

That’s why you need a lawyer with the attitude and the ability to go up against these powerful entities. The law is often lopsided in their favor. Only a lawyer who knows the law on the books, and how it has been applied in countless other cases, can offset this imbalance.

I am that lawyer. I fight for clients on the Gulf Coast here in Mississippi and in Louisiana as well. To find out more about me, attorney B. Geoffrey Harrison, click the link below.

My approach is a thoughtful one, I don’t “tee off” and file a lawsuit the first day. My objective is maximum compensation for you, at the lowest cost. So I wait for the right moment. The other side knows I have a plan in play. They are usually eager to settle out of court. When it is the right way to go, I go to court for you, and I have been successful in doing so.

I have a policy not every lawyer has. I will not take a fee that is greater than the money you receive for your injuries.

Call B. Geoffrey Harrison PA at 228-207-2075, or email me.

You may find me in the Vieux Marche in Biloxi. I am available to clients 24 hours a day, seven days a week.