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Why Is It Harder for Accident Victims to Get Compensation in Mississippi?

Short answer: insurance companies. For years they lobbied to get laws passed that limit accident victims' rights to obtain compensation for injuries. In 2004 the Mississippi legislature went along with the insurance companies and passed so-called "tort reform."

With that, Mississippi became one of the first states in the country to put a cap on the amount of punitive and pain-and-suffering damages that a car accident victim can recover.

Exactly how have the insurance companies made it more difficult for accident victims to get the compensation they deserve?

Insurers have lobbied to protect their profits in numerous ways, but one example of how tort reform has affected accident victims is the fact that your lawyer is no longer allowed to tell a jury whether the driver who hurt you has insurance or not.

That information is extremely important in determining the responsibilities of the insurance company and the amount of compensation an injured person should receive, yet juries in Mississippi are not allowed to hear that information.

Now insurance companies believe they can sit back more or less comfortably on the assumption that they won't have to pay out as much, even when an accident victim has suffered permanent injuries that require a lifetime of expensive medical care.

In truth, if you've been injured in a car wreck in Mississippi, then you need a smart and stubborn lawyer who vigilantly keeps track of the legal precedents that can help maximize your injury claim.

Insurance companies are interested in profits, not in the well-being of accident victims. Insurers use their piles of money to invest in denying or reducing injury claims. Go with an attorney who has the knowledge, the resources and the right attitude to fight for what you need.

With offices in Biloxi, B. Geoffrey Harrison PA represents injury victims in Mississippi and Louisiana. For more on the sharp contrast between these states' laws, please see our brief overview: "Mississippi and Louisiana: Two Very Different Legal Climates."

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