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September 2016 Archives

When do drivers have to yield to pedestrians in Mississippi?

A pedestrian is standing at an intersection on a busy road in Biloxi. There is no traffic signal and no crosswalk painted on the road. Seeing a small break in traffic flow, the pedestrian carefully steps into the road and begins to cross.

Mississippi's tort laws are stacked against the injured

About 12 years ago, insurance companies in Mississippi lobbied hard for tort reform, and they won. The state's laws were changed to make it more difficult for people who were hurt by negligence to get compensated for their injuries.

Texting and other common types of distracted driving

It is no secret that distracted driving is a problem in Mississippi and across the nation. As this reckless and negligent type of behavior continues to endanger every person on the road, it is increasingly important to recognize the different types of distraction that commonly cause car accidents.