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What to do if your child suffers a dog bite injury in Mississippi

As a parent, you do everything that you can to protect your child from the harshest aspects of our world. Unfortunately, no parent can do everything for one's child, and sometimes children can get hurt despite the best efforts of their parents to protect them.

When a child suffers a dog bite attack, there can be a lot of emotions: anger, guilt, and even a sense of powerlessness. Thankfully, just because you weren't able to stop the dog from biting your child doesn't mean you can't still protect and care for him or her in the aftermath of the bite. Depending on your circumstances, it may make sense to speak with an attorney to see what recourse is available.

Dog bite attacks on children can have lasting impact

After your child has been attacked and bitten by a dog, there can be a lot of fallout. There is the immediate issue of medical bills resulting from the bite, possibly including emergency trauma care, stitches, bone setting, or even plastic surgery that may be required to help your child heal.

There's also the possibility, depending on the circumstances, that your child will need psychological therapy to overcome post-traumatic stress after the attack or help to overcome a fear of dogs that has developed since their bite. Your family will have enough to deal with in helping your traumatized child. You shouldn't have to worry about all those bills.

Mississippi doesn't have clear dog bite laws

While many states have explicit statutes in place to define owner liability in the event of a dog bite attack where a human is injured, the state of Mississippi does not. The state has laws in place requiring licensing for dogs, as well as rabies inoculations. There are specific laws in place to protect the owners of livestock from dogs that attack, kill, or injure an animal, but no laws in place to protect those who may suffer an attack from an aggressive, improperly fenced, or free running dog.

Because there is no specific law in place, one of your first steps after a dog bite attack should be to consult with an experienced personal injury attorney.

An attorney can help explore your options

Maybe your family needs help paying those medical bills, as even the deductible and co-insurance on facial plastic surgery can be exorbitant. Maybe you're concerned that the same dog will escape again and pose additional risk to your family. Depending on your circumstances, it may be in the best interest of your family and your community to bring a civil suit against the dog's owner.

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