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3 things to help you get your insurance claim finished faster

You've never been in an accident, and you certainly didn't expect it to take place today. The roads were clear, there weren't many people out and you were driving at an appropriate speed. It must have been a shock when the other car hit you, and now you're left with questions about getting the most out of an insurance claim. Here are some ways to make sure you get a settlement offer or approved claim as quickly as possible.

Clearly present what happened to police and keep evidence

When help arrives to the scene, the first thing you want to do is seek medical attention. If you are suffering from any injuries, it's important to go to the hospital. Likewise, even if you don't think you're hurt, a trip to the hospital can help you show that you did seek medical attention right away.

If you stay at the scene prior to heading to the hospital and have time, take photos of the accident. Showing where the cars are placed can help police or the insurance investigators figure out who was at fault legally.

If you head to the hospital, talk to police when they arrive or make an effort to go to the station after you're released. You want to give a complete recounting of the accident before too much time passes. Over time, memories fade, so the sooner you tell them what happened, the better. Make sure you don't say anything that indicates that you may be even partially liable for the crash.

Keep all your medical records

Of course, you need to keep your medical records. These are helpful in identifying what injuries you suffered from, which also indicate the way your vehicle was hit and at what speed. For example, whiplash is very common when you're hit from behind at a moderate to high speed. Submit these papers to the insurance company and your attorney, so you have them filed correctly as soon as possible.

The police report states the other person was at fault

There are several different things a driver may do that show that he or she is negligent and can be held at fault after an accident. Some of the most common things that show negligence include speeding or driving while texting or using an electronic device. Driving while intoxicated is another easy-to-see negligent act.

Other things that might help you make your claim more quickly are if the police report state that the person ran a red light or stop sign, had a poorly maintained vehicle or was driving without a license.

Taking the time to complete these steps helps you present evidence and your side of the story clearly for the insurance agent and police. This helps their investigations go more smoothly and can help you receive a settlement agreement sooner.

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