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In an accident? Make sure you're compensated for all your losses

After any serious injury in Mississippi, many people consider pursuing a personal injury claim to compensate them for various losses. If you have recently experienced a serious or catastrophic injury in an accident, you certainly deserve fair compensation, but how do you know exactly what you've lost?

No, this is not a trick question. The fact of the matter is that many people choose legal representation that does not explore the full extent of what their injuries cost them. With the guidance of proper legal counsel, you can evaluate your experience and determine how far the injuries truly extend.

Some losses are relatively straightforward to calculate. However, some of the deepest hurts are those that are most difficult to quantify.

Practical losses are only part of the picture

Let's assume you suffered an injury in a car accident. The wreck left you with a broken arm, which kept you out of work for several months and resulted in some medical bills. You have been experiencing headaches recently and don't quite know how to relate to your spouse these days.

You may deserve a number of remedies for your losses, but you will likely need the assistance of an experienced attorney to fully demonstrate the extent of how the accident affected you.

Among your most practical losses are the money you were unable to earn while recovering from your broken arm and the medical bills that the recovery incurred. It is also possible that you were unable to fully recover from the accident, leaving your arm permanently less functional.

You may also have some ongoing medical costs associated with the injury, such as a check up or ongoing therapy to regain functionality.

Your practical losses in these cases are fairly simple to calculate by looking at the costs of the medical care and using your previous income to establish how much income you missed because of the accident. But what about your less tangible losses?

Intangible losses are real, too

Perhaps the accident left you with a mild traumatic brain injury, which can affect you in many ways. You may experience difficulty concentrating at work, or understanding conversations. You may also experience a change in personality. A mild TBI can greatly affect every relationship in your life, on top of the strain your injury places on your family, friends and coworkers.

The law provides room to consider the real cost of emotional and relational losses. You may have experienced strain in your marriage because of your injury, or loss of enjoyment in life.

One type of complaint that is often cited in movies and television is "pain and suffering." This kind of claim seems silly until you are living with it. Anyone who has gone through a serious injury knows how devastating the recovery can be to your ability to enjoy anything.

You don't have to fight for justice alone

If you have suffered serious injuries, don't settle for less than you deserve: Enlist help from an inexperienced attorney who understands the intricacies of personal injury law in Mississippi.

With the guidance of an experienced attorney, you can explore all of your options for pursuing justice, ensuring that your rights remain protected in the process.

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