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Why you need legal help after a car accident in Mississippi

Car accidents are, unfortunately, a fact of life for everyone who has to commute to work, school or errands. Every time you get behind the wheel of a motor vehicle, you risk serious injury or even death. The vast majority of times, you'll arrive safely to your destination. Sometimes, however, another driver who is drunk, distracted or simply negligent could cause a serious accident.

In these situations, you need to take steps to protect yourself and your family, particularly if you suffered serious injuries.

In 2004, the state of Mississippi changed its tort laws in response to lobbying by the insurance industry. Now, there are limits on non-economic and punitive damages that can be sought. The changes also ended joint and several liability in the state. This means that the courts will determine what percentage of liability a particular defendant has in an automotive injury case and that the compensation sought can not exceed that percentage. As a result, those who suffer injuries and losses in automotive accidents may struggle to recover those financial losses.

An attorney can help you avoid mistakes

One of the simplest mistakes drivers make after an automotive accident is apologizing to the other driver. Doing so implies fault and could make it more difficult for you to recover your losses. You should also do your best to provide law enforcement with all the necessary details of the accident, particularly the actions of the other driver that caused it. If possible, document the accident scene before you move your vehicles for traffic or leave the scene to seek medical attention. As soon as possible, you should contact an experienced personal injury attorney.

Your attorney can review the details of the accident and help determine what your best options will be moving forward. A lawyer offer other help as well, including reviewing any insurance settlements to ensure they are reasonable and fair given your injuries and losses.

In some cases, your insurance company may try to get you to give a recorded statement or speak with an insurance adjuster. You should not do either of these things without the help and advice of your attorney. Ideally, he or she will be present for any conversation with the insurance company.

Legal help can help you recover after an accident

Serious motor vehicle accidents can change your life. Broken limbs, nerve damage, brain injuries and even paralysis are possible. These conditions can be incredibly expensive and require a lot of medical treatment. Your lawyer can help ensure that the parties responsible are covering your medical bills and other losses. Don't try to handle the insurance company on your own!

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