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3 things that affect the outcome of your personal injury claim

Every car crash is different, but three things are always the same: the factors that influence how much your settlement or award will be. After a crash, you need medical care and other financial support as you recover. It's the responsibility of the person who struck you to cover your losses.

Your attorney can help you file a claim against that individual, so you can receive the payout you deserve. There are three things that affect how much you'll be awarded. Understanding these factors helps you make the most of your case.

1. Determining fault

One of the first things that has to happen after an accident is for fault to be determined. Typically, the police investigate what happened, talk to witnesses and speak with you and the other driver to determine who is to blame for the accident. Once you know who's to blame, it's easier to seek compensation from that party. For example, if the accident was caused because of the driver texting behind the wheel, you can use this finding to pursue a claim.

2. A willingness to negotiate

The willingness to negotiate does make a difference in how fast you receive a settlement offer and determines how much the offer is worth. If the person is at fault and the insurance company wants to settle quickly, it may offer a fair or slightly large settlement to avoid having to go to trial. If the insurance company does not want to negotiate, then your attorney may need to use more leverage or take the case to trial to get an award that is in your best interests.

3. The total damages caused by the accident

Another thing that affects your case is how much damage was done. Did you suffer severe trauma or just a few bumps and bruises? How is your mental health? Is your vehicle damaged or totaled? Having this information prepared and ready for negotiations helps you seek out the compensation you need and gives you the ability to know when a settlement is not fair enough to accept.

Your attorney can help advise you on when a settlement is a good option and when you're better off heading to trial. With the right information, you can make a good decision on your claim.

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