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August 2017 Archives

Study shows that reckless driving causes most cycling accidents

When you hit the road for a training or a commute, how many cars honk their horns at you while you are pedaling like mad? How many close calls have you had with drivers that did not see you? Of these encounters, how many times did they occur because you were not following traffic laws, wearing brightly colored clothing or staying in the bike lane? Chances are that 99.99 percent of these occasions occurred for no other reason than because you were cycling.

How to prepare for a settlement

Driving through Biloxi on your way to work can come with all sorts of dangers. You have to dodge semis that try to change lanes while you are next to them. Then, there are people that decide it is a good idea to send a text message while they are driving. And, of course, there are the ones that think that the traffic laws do not apply to them. Staying vigilant will help you avoid most accidents, but no matter what, there may be that one that you cannot get away from.