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Prevent right cross bicycle accidents

A right cross bicycle versus auto accident happens when you're riding straight across the line of an intersection or a driveway. If a car is entering the intersection, or crossing the road from the right side, it could hit you with its front or pull in front of you and cause you to hit its side.

Right cross incidents are the most common bicycle versus car accidents on the road, so bicyclists need to be aware of them and how to avoid them.

Tips for avoiding a right cross bicycle crash

There are five things that bicyclists can do to prevent a right cross bike crash. Here they are:

  • Use a headlight: The headlight on your bike is the key to your visibility. Whether it's daytime or nighttime, a headlight will catch drivers' eyes to ensure they see you. When they see you, drivers will be less likely to accidentally pull out in front of you.
  • Wave at drivers: You shouldn't pull out in front of a vehicle that doesn't see you. Always make eye contact before you cross in front of a driver's path. If you can't seem to get the driver's attention, or if you're not sure the driver sees you, do a wave and wait for the driver to respond before crossing his or her path.
  • Use a horn: You can buy a very loud horn for your bike, and the advantages of having such a device could save your life. The Air Zound is a tremendously loud bicycle horn that will get a driver's attention to make you more visible at intersections.
  • Take it slowly: Slowing down at intersections gives you the ability to react faster and avoid a crash with a driver that doesn't see you. Slow enough that you can stop if needed. This advice is especially important at night.
  • Get further out into the lane: Consider putting space between you in the curb, and if it's safe and there aren't any cars, get further out toward the traffic lanes. Positioning yourself to the left like this will make you more visible than you'll be if you're hugging the curb.

Inattentive drivers will be financially liable to bike crash victims

Inattentive drivers may be required to compensate the bicyclists they injure for the costs of medical and other financial damages. However, it's clearly preferable to avoid a bicycle crash and injuries altogether by following the above tips and playing it safe.

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