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5 common causes of motor vehicle wrecks

Car crashes are serious matters for the victims involved. There are many factors that contribute to wrecks. It is impossible to avoid them all, but risks can be greatly diminished when drivers are operating their vehicles in a safe manner.

Determining the cause of the crash is often a priority after the incident. Here are some possible causes:

Impaired driving: Drivers who are on drugs or alcohol are serious risks to everyone. They have a reduced ability to react to hazards on the road and might take unnecessary risks. Often, these individuals will face criminal charges, but you can still file a claim in civil court to try to recover damages.

Speeding: Speed limits are set for a reason - to keep motorists safe. When a driver is going too fast for the current conditions, a collision more likely. High-speed crashes are associated with severe injuries that may require hospitalization. In some cases, these are fatal.

Distracted driving: It takes your full concentration to drive safely. Drivers who are distracted by cellphones, deep thought, billboards, eating, drinking, other passengers and similar things might not be able to avoid an accident. Many individuals multitask while driving, but the term would be more accurate if you called it switch-thinking since you can't focus on driving and another action at the same time.

Inclement weather: It takes much longer to stop on slick surfaces. You must be careful when it rains since this can cause the roadway to be slippery. Even if it is just drizzling, you might be at risk of an accident since the water will mix with vehicle fluids on the road. Those fluids might be washed off the roads in heavier rains.

Fatigued driving: You could doze off if you are too tired when you drive. Even a short time without eyes on the road can lead to a crash. Any driver who is fatigued must stop and rest.

Dealing with the aftermath

    The cause of the crash can have an impact on a claim for compensation. If you were struck by an unsafe driver, be sure that you are taking the steps necessary to protect your ability to recover damages. This includes keeping records of what happened, as well as being careful about what you say when you are speaking about the incident.

    Never say anything that someone might take to mean you think you caused the accident.

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