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Motor Vehicle Accidents -- Plaintiff Archives

Car accidents often mean mild traumatic brain injuries

Have you recently experienced a car accident and thought you got away without any injuries? Perhaps someone else in the accident suffered a broken arm or leg, and you thought you only received some scrapes and bruises? You may be suffering from a mild traumatic brain injury (TBI) and not even know it yet.

In an accident? Make sure you're compensated for all your losses

After any serious injury in Mississippi, many people consider pursuing a personal injury claim to compensate them for various losses. If you have recently experienced a serious or catastrophic injury in an accident, you certainly deserve fair compensation, but how do you know exactly what you've lost?

What to do if a loved one is injured in a truck accident

Semi trucks and eighteen-wheelers are common sights on Mississippi roads and highways. Unfortunately, given their massive size and incredible weight, these vehicles pose substantial threat to others on the roadway in the event of an accident. They can destroy much smaller personal vehicles even at lower, city road speeds, and the injuries of drivers and passengers in the other vehicle tend to be much worse than in collisions with vehicles of a comparable size.

Look out for that deer!

State Farm Insurance recently released information ranking Mississippi 10th in the nation for auto accidents involving a deer. They say your chances of hitting a deer are one in 88, a 1.1 percent increase from the 2014-2015 year. Stay safe this season and know what to do if you have an incident with a deer.

What's the scariest part of Halloween? Kids getting hit by cars

Are your kids planning to trick-or-treat this Halloween? If so, know that twice as many kids are killed in pedestrian accidents on Halloween compared to other days of the year, according to Safe Kids Worldwide.

Texting and other common types of distracted driving

It is no secret that distracted driving is a problem in Mississippi and across the nation. As this reckless and negligent type of behavior continues to endanger every person on the road, it is increasingly important to recognize the different types of distraction that commonly cause car accidents.

Mississippi Officials: Highway Work Zone Wrecks on the Rise

In the last several years, there has been an increase in work zone fatalities and injuries on the nation's interstates and highways. According to the Mississippi Department of Transportation, there were more than 31,000 injuries due to wrecks in work zones nationwide in 2014, the last year for which complete statistics are available.