Have you been injured in an accident?

Don’t be a victim twice.

Have you been injured in an accident?

Don’t be a victim twice.

Mississippi And Louisiana: Two Very Different Legal Climates

Mississippi and Louisiana are two different states with two very different legal climates. If your lawyer isn’t familiar with the law in the state where your accident occurred, you are at a huge disadvantage. And the outcome of your case will suffer.

I am licensed to practice law in both Louisiana and Mississippi, and I am active in both states. I know each state’s laws and the challenges they pose to accident victims. And I know how to make the laws work for you, not against you.

Mississippi Stacks The Deck Against Personal Injury Victims

Insurance companies lobbied and succeeded in getting laws passed time after time limiting the rights of the injured. Your lawyer may not tell the jury, for instance, if the person who crashed into you has insurance or not. This is very important information, which our juries are not allowed to hear.

These laws were passed using the phrase tort reform, which sounded like a good idea at the time. But tort law was just a way to tilt the advantage away from ordinary people like you and toward the insurance companies.

When you are playing with a stacked deck, it’s good to have a lawyer with a few tricks up his sleeve. I am dedicated in my practice to succeeding for people who are oppressed by bad law. I do this with hard study, awareness of precedents that may be relevant to your case and sheer stubbornness on your behalf.

Louisiana Is Like A Foreign Country To Mississippians

It operates under the Napoleonic Code, going back to 1804. It’s good law, rooted in the idea of fairness, which I am all for. Most Mississippi lawyers know very little about this exotic set of laws. I am quite comfortable with it. Indeed, 30 percent of my practice is in Louisiana. I enjoy the challenge, and my clients enjoy the results!

I’m Here To Level The Playing Field

I am personal injury attorney B. Geoffrey Harrison of Biloxi. I’m here to make your fight for compensation fairer. If you have been injured by negligence, I will fight for you like I would for a family member. Call B. Geoffrey Harrison PA at 228-207-2075 — or send me an email describing your injury.