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Seven Questions You Want Answered After An Accident

These are seven most common — and seven most important — questions I am asked after a car accident.

How much auto insurance coverage should I carry?

Full coverage unless your car is not worth the cost, and you can afford to replace it if totaled. See that your policy includes med pay for doctor bills and uninsured motorist (UM) coverage against hit-and-runs and other eventualities.

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What if I’m driving a friend’s car and cause an accident. Whose insurance company pays?

The liability insurance on the vehicle is primary, and the driver’s liability insurance is secondary.

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When should I get treatment after an auto accident?

Right away — see our explanation.

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Is an attorney really necessary?

If you are seeking serious compensation, you will need help. Insurance companies see unrepresented individuals who have been injured as pushovers. They will settle for a nickel on the dollar, smiling all the way. Only a battle-tested lawyer is wise to all their tricks. Having an experienced attorney on your side gives you your best shot at maximum compensation.

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What do I do if the other driver isn’t insured?

Your insurance policy should have uninsured motorist (UM) coverage. This will allow you to obtain compensation from your own insurance company — though you may still need a good lawyer in your corner.

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What should I do after a car accident?

No. 1 task, which someone else can do if you are seriously injured, is to gather information. Get the names, phone numbers and license numbers of other drivers. If the other driver says something like “Oh, it was all my fault, I’m so sorry,” write that down. Write down the time of the accident, and what the weather was like. All this information will be valuable to your case.

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What should I not do?

Don’t say “Oh, it was all my fault, I’m so sorry.” If you are clearly not at fault, don’t leave the accident scene. Stay and talk to police, or the other side will frame the case for you. Don’t talk to the insurance company representative until you have spoken to your lawyer. Don’t plead guilty if you must appear in court.

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