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The Dangers Of Multitasking While Driving

It’s called distracted driving, and it is a leading cause of serious road injuries, including death. Distracted driving adds a whole set of accident causes that happen INSIDE the car, as opposed to dangerous situations on the road.

Some distracted driving accidents are caused by cellphones, texting, GPS and car stereo. Other accidents are caused by people juggling things — a hot drink, a sandwich, a lit cigarette. Still others are caused by misbehavior within the car — drivers applying nail polish, passengers arguing, children out of their seat belts and requiring discipline.

The problem in each case is that something in the car causes the driver to pay less attention to driving. Drivers could easily pull over and deal with distractions safely, off the road. Instead, they proceed to cause serious injuries and even death. The only good news is, these injuries are compensable by the negligent party.

Some drivers believe that if they use a hands-free device, like a Bluetooth phone headset, that they are able to pay full attention. Accident statistics suggest otherwise. Investigations often show the cause of the accident, on the driver’s floor mat: A dropped CD or a bag of cold french fries.

The Right Attorney For People Injured By Inattentive Drivers

I’m Geoffrey Harrison, a lawyer with offices in Biloxi. I represent injured individuals and their families in lawsuits seeking compensation for these kinds of injuries.

If you were injured because the other party didn’t think enough of your safety and your life to hold off combing his or her hair, I want to talk to you. Juries take a dim view of careless drivers. I will try to win maximum compensation for the injuries you have suffered.

I am licensed to practice law in both Mississippi and Louisiana. Call B. Geoffrey Harrison PA at 228-207-2075, or email me a description of what happened to you.