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Questions People Have About Truck Accident Injuries

How are we defining truck?

A truck is any vehicle used to transport commercial goods. The definition applies to giant 18-wheelers to local delivery trucks. It even includes fleet cars like pizza delivery vans and repair trucks.

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What accounts for the severity of truck accident injuries?

Simple physics. Large moving objects weighing 400 tons will have a crushing effect on a 1-ton automobile.

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What steps should I take if I am injured in a truck accident?

Your health must be your very first consideration. If you are badly injured, get yourself to an emergency department or urgent care center.

If you are OK to remain on the accident scene, do these things:

  • Talk to police. Assist in filing the accident report.
  • Be thinking ahead. You will need evidence of the crash to bolster any claim you file. Take pictures. Talk to witnesses, and get their names and contact information.
  • Be prudent. Don’t talk with anyone about who was at fault in the accident. Don’t characterize your injuries, even to your neighbors. (“Oh, it was just a scratch!”)
  • Don’t talk to the trucking company’s insurance reps — not until you speak with an experienced lawyer. They will seem friendly but they are not your friends.
  • Call 228-207-2075 and talk to me, Geoffrey Harrison, for a no-charge, no-obligation discussion of your legal options.

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What factors in a truck accident are relevant in an investigation?

In my investigation, I will seek to learn whether:

  • The driver was exhausted from too many hours at the wheel
  • The driver was sober or distracted by something
  • The driver was sufficiently trained in safety matters
  • The truck was properly maintained
  • The truck was properly loaded
  • The driver’s log and trucking company records are accessible and accurate

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What can I be compensated for?

You may seek economic damages — hospital bills, past and future income, loss of earning ability and related financial losses.

You may seek noneconomic damages — including diminished quality of life, and pain and suffering.

You may seek damages for physical impairment and disfigurement if you were scarred or disabled in the accident.

In some cases, you can seek punitive damages, to discourage bad behavior behind the wheel. You will need a very skilled attorney to win these damages.

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Whose fault was the accident?

The investigation tells us who or what was responsible for the crash. It may be any of these parties: The owner of the truck company or the driver’s employer, the owner of the trailer or cab, the driver behind the wheel, the truck manufacturer or even a municipality that allowed poor roadway conditions that contributed to the accident.

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You probably have other questions about your truck accident injury. For answers, contact B. Geoffrey Harrison PA 24/7 at my Biloxi, Mississippi, office at 228-207-2075. Or email me your questions.