Have you been injured in an accident?

Don’t be a victim twice.

Have you been injured in an accident?

Don’t be a victim twice.

Severe Injuries To The Back And Spine

What kinds of injuries most often lead to personal injury claims? Injuries to the head, neck, back and spine.

Some of these injuries are of medium seriousness. In every case, however, insurance companies will try to make it seem as if you are faking or overdramatizing your injury.

The Truth About Whiplash

For years there was a campaign by Hollywood, perhaps abetted by insurance companies, to make neck injuries seem trivial. The name whiplash was given to neck injuries caused by the whipping action of a rear-end collision. Plaintiffs were shown putting on their neck support braces as they entered the courtroom.

In fact, however, soft tissue injuries can have very long-term consequences, affecting your ability to work, to move about and to enjoy life without constant pain.

Insurance companies will even try to cast doubt on your claims of paralysis or crushed vertebrae.

A Fighting Mississippi Personal Injury Lawyer — Louisiana, Too

My job as your personal injury attorney is to be a one-man truth squad, overcoming these insinuations and showing your injuries in their true light, focusing on your medical records and the real financial cost of the losses you have suffered.

  • Many times, victims of catastrophic nervous system injuries are disabled for life.
  • Parties whose negligence contributed to your injury must be held to account.

My clients know me as a lawyer who is dogged in defending their interests and rights. I do not win every single case — no lawyer does. But no lawyer fights harder for injured clients than me.

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