Have you been injured in an accident?

Don’t be a victim twice.

Have you been injured in an accident?

Don’t be a victim twice.

Five Things To Know About Brain Injuries

No two injuries to the brain have ever been identical. The brain is so complex, and accidents are so different from one another, that it is impossible to find someone with exactly the same condition as you.

Nevertheless, some things are certain.

1. Brain Injuries Are Always Serious

Whether you suffer a concussion, an open head wound or a traumatic brain injury (TBI), or you go into a coma following an injury, you have a big problem to face. Anyone who tells you differently does not have your best interests at heart.

2. Full Recoveries Don’t Happen

Though the brain has remarkable healing properties, it is rare that a person regains full function, without some change in memory, cognition, focus and motor control. Many brain injury victims function fine for periods, then experience gaps that make it impossible to go back to work and earn a living as before.

3. Causes Vary

The most common cause of traumatic brain injury is falling or something falling on you. People are injured falling from ladders, tripping on uneven walkways, tumbling into a hole on construction side, or a power tool falling at that same site and striking you. Vehicle collisions and crashes are variations on the idea of falling. Injuries also occur in fights, sports and explosions.

4. The Other Party’s Insurance Company Will Do Everything To Minimize Your Injury

Your recovery is the furthest thing from their mind. Their loyalty is to their shareholders, not to you. That’s why you need an attorney who can go up against these people and tell your story so clearly and powerfully, they can’t say No.

5. Your Doctor And Your Lawyer Are All That Stands Between You And A Broken Life

The doctor works to heal your body. Your lawyer works to keep you financially afloat throughout this process. So much depends on these professionals coming through for you. In both cases, you want to choose the very best you can find.

My name is Geoffrey Harrison, and I represent brain injury victims along the Gulf Coast in both Mississippi and Louisiana. Because of the severity of most brain injuries, these are big-dollar cases — if you win. Don’t handicap yourself with an inexperienced attorney.

I want very much to meet with you and discuss your case, and plot a strategy to get you the money you will need. Email me or call me in Biloxi at 228-207-2075.

Remember: In personal injury cases, you pay nothing until your lawyer comes through for you. And first-time meetings are free — so you run no risk talking to me!