Have you been injured in an accident?

Don’t be a victim twice.

Have you been injured in an accident?

Don’t be a victim twice.

Truck Accident Lawyers Have To Be Good Detectives

If you are injured in a truck accident because of someone else’s negligence, the situation can be extremely dire for several reasons.

For one thing, because trucks are so massive, the physical injuries resulting from a wreck tend to be very serious, not to mention the property damage. The reality is that people in cars are much more likely to be injured in these crashes than are truck drivers.

Additionally, trucking companies and insurance companies have extensive resources dedicated to protecting their bottom lines — this includes trying to limit or deny payouts. Put bluntly, the insurance company is not your friend.

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I Will Stand Up To The Trucking And Insurance Companies

It is important to remember that trucking companies and truck drivers are subject to many state and federal regulations. When a truck or commercial vehicle mishap occurs, it is crucial to immediately engage the services of an experienced attorney to preserve and protect the evidence that the trucking company does not want you to know about. This evidence may add exponential value to your claim.

Work With An Attorney With Trucking Accident Experience

If you or someone close to you has suffered an injury because of a negligent trucker or trucking company, I am ready to use the experience I have honed in more than 20 years of personal injury practice to do everything possible to obtain the compensation and accountability you deserve.

Having recovered millions of dollars for my clients during my tenure as a personal injury lawyer, I am ready to work on accidents involving:

  • Driver fatigue and improper training concerns
  • Speeding on curves or rough terrain
  • Improper loading issues and load shifting concerns
  • Jackknifing and steering onto a soft road shoulder
  • Abrupt swerving and aggressive driving actions
  • Inadequate tire and brake maintenance

I want to point out that the above list is not comprehensive. If you have suffered from a serious injury, or any injury, in any commercial vehicle accident, protect your rights and get in touch with my firm as soon as possible. From the moment you contact us, we will begin doing everything we can to help you heal and recover in the best possible way. Representing clients from all of Mississippi and Louisiana, we understand how truck accidents occur.

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