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Car accidents often mean mild traumatic brain injuries

Have you recently experienced a car accident and thought you got away without any injuries? Perhaps someone else in the accident suffered a broken arm or leg, and you thought you only received some scrapes and bruises? You may be suffering from a mild traumatic brain injury (TBI) and not even know it yet.

Whenever you experience an accident, it is vital to get proper medical treatment, even if you think that you are not injured. A mild TBI is often difficult to identify, but its effects can accumulate to dismantle many areas of your life, and may last long after the incident. If you have heard that a mild TBI is not a serious injury, think again.

"Mild" does not mean "harmless"

When individuals suffer a mild TBI, they may think that it's not really a big deal - after all, the word "mild" is right there in the name. However, it is mild only compared to much more serious brain injuries that might leave a person paralyzed, in a coma, or even dead.

Sure, your brain injury may not have paralyzed or killed you, but it is still a brain injury and can lead to some serious issues across many areas.

Some of the effects are what you might expect - headaches that come and go or persist for a long time, blurry vision and slurred speech, or even seizures and nausea. While these are not injuries on par with a coma, they are still enough to derail your whole workday, to say the least.

From bad to worse

Things can get really destructive from there. You may experience great difficulty concentrating on simple tasks that you were previously able to focus on for hours at a time. You may also find that you are suddenly much more irritable, beyond your control. Small things that you feel you should be able to ignore or handle maturely make you irrationally angry or frustrated. You may even experience other personality changes that make it difficult to relate in even your closest relationships.

On top of that, you may experience some confusion and difficulty comprehending the things you read or conversations you have with friends, family and coworkers. A mild TBI often expresses itself in an inability to comprehend context in a conversation. This is very difficult to explain and address in all of your interactions throughout the day.

Add to all these the fact that the symptoms can last for up to a year after the injury occurs, and may not develop immediately. You may think you are fine for a while, but your mild TBI may cause serious difficulty holding your job together and having functional relationships with your spouse, children, friends and coworkers. A year of that is enough to completely derail pretty much any career if you don't know how to respond correctly and get the help you need.

Get the help you need as soon as possible

If you suspect that you may have suffered a TBI in your accident, don't hesitate to get the medical help you need to identify and treat your ailment. However, medical care is not the only kind help of you need.

If you suffered an injury in an accident, then you deserve to have your experience professionally evaluated. An experienced attorney will know how to use the law to fight for fair compensation for your losses and protect your rights throughout the process.

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